What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration in zara

Share on Facebook In a tradition product distribution channel, a manufacturer makes a good and then sells it to a wholesaler. The wholesaler then sells it to a retailer that markets goods to end customers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration in zara

High costs to keep up with changes in: Clearly, it is not a wise decision. B Chase et al, Zara has functional products casual wearwhich demand a stable supply chain, but also innovative products fashion wearwhich require an efficient and responsive supply chain.

Hence, ZARA made its innovative products the most fashion clothes in Spain, and at the same time, outsourcing its functional products casual wears in Asian. It was mentioned that a company has to align its supply chain with its product characteristics if it wants to become truly successful.

Next, talking more detailed about why does Zara source products with uncertain demand from local manufacturers and products with predictable demand from Asian manufacturers? The products with uncertain demand actually means the most fashion designed clothes because they do not know how customer will respond to their new product and every time they launch the new product, the sales is uncertain.

To meet the uncertain demand, ZARA need to response timely or it will miss the business opportunity. For that, ZARA has its specialized fashion hunter to visit varieties of fashion show for collecting fashion information and continually feedback to the designer team that are at headquarters for reference so that they can speed up the design processing and follow the latest fashion all the time.

Furthermore, designer need to ensure the effect of its design through the real templates.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration in zara

And there are all types of materials in warehouse so that ZARA spend a pretty short time on pattern making and designer can decide the product style and numbers as soon as possible.

Obviously, both in material supplying or logistic distribution, the local manufacturing has the advantage.

Vertical Integration

Although the cost is slightly higher, the comprehensive profits are higher than that of Asian manufacturing. The products with predicted demands means casual wears ,which do not need high responsiveness to the market. Both manufacturing and sales are stable. At that timethe request of quick manufacturing and logistics responding is lower so that the cost of production is considered firstly.

It is known that the cost of production in Asia much cheaper so produce the casual wears in Asian countries is better. The advantage Zara gain from replenishing its stores multiple times a week compared to a less frequent schedule can be listed as 4 points: The frequent delivery ensured the product can be put on the shelves timely.

The frequent updating products will let customer feel if I do not buy this dress this time, I will never have the chance again. In fashion filed, people are always crazy for the scarce thing. Furthermore, the frequent updating will ensure that the product will always be related to the latest fashion.

And frequently deliveries give ZARA more time to respond to the changeable market. Third, it need ZARA improve its warehouse management system such as warehouse layoutwarehouse procedures, input and output operation, stock account system to achieve the least unit inventory cost.Study 82 Test 3 flashcards from Alana L.

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Home / Soft4Inventory Blog / The Success of Zara: Technology Makes It Possible. “The firm is able to be so responsive through a competitor-crushing combination of vertical integration and technology-orchestrated coordination of suppliers, just-in-time manufacturing, and finely tuned logistics.” The Success of Zara: Technology Makes. Vertical integration is when a company controls the supply chain from Any of the five advantages of vertical integration gives the Four Disadvantages. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

Vertical: more control, more risk, more payoff (bc difficult to copy) What are the advantages and disadvantages of contract manufacturing? Zara has manufacturing model: only spain office means that more susceptible to financial.

“Apple took vertical integration to the next level when they decided to make and brand their iPod before putting it on the market seeing as how they were the only ones to touch or see it before release. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin integration, that is how the vertical integration is supported by the information technology.

The idea is to study the strengths and the weaknesses of these two model in order to.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration in zara

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical it is imperative to know first the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration. Advantages and Disadvantages.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration? What are the advantages and disadvantages of contract manufacturing? Why is inventory management so important?

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