Should students be allowed to grade their teachers

Along with the traditional meaning, it also started to mean people whom you get online updates and messages from, whom you inform about your recent activities, whom you get in touch with virtually, and so on.

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers

High school students should evaluate their teachers High school students are given a lot of responsibility.

Expectations are high, as we prepare our teens to be young, responsible adults. Often teens are employed in addition to attending a full day of school.

Many are participating in school sports and other extra curricular activities. We expect them to utlize their time, use their reasoning and to adopt the values of adults. Yet, we do not listen to our students.

We do not value their opinions. We should ask them about the daily atmosphere in their classrooms. We should ask them how they feel about their teachers. We should give them the credit for recognizing the qualities that make a good teacher, a fair teacher, a teacher who inspires them to do their best.

We should take into account their evaluations of their teachers.

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Why should students do teacher evaluations? Students are in the classroom. They observe on a daily basis the interaction between a teacher and the students. When others [administration or parents] visit the classroom, the teacher and students are on their best behavior, similar to when our boss observes us at work.

It is impossible to fully evaluate the day-to-day atmosphere in a classroom unless one is in the classroom daily. Often the exceptionally good teachers are overlooked.

They do not "toot their own horn" by calling attention to their teaching style.

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers

They just do their job and they do it well. The students know when a teacher is sincere. They know when they are learning new ideas and receiving encouragement.

We need to ask the students who the good teachers are so we can recognize and reward them. Correctable problems are identified. If the problems in a classroom are related to teaching style [control, respect, behavior, etc.

The teacher could learn techniques that promote a learning atmosphere. A good teacher will value the input from the students and use it to improve his teaching style. Our goal is to improve the learning atmosphere.

If a teacher is oblivious to abusive behaviors occurring in the classroom, student evaluations would point it out. A teacher could be taught to be more aware of undercurrents in the classroom that interferes with learning and may create safety issues.

The arguments against students doing teacher evaluations: Students are not qualified to do evaluations. There is no one else who spends as much time in the classroom as the students.

Their impressions and opinions will be just a small part of a teacher's portfolio. Evaluations would be used to terminate or reprimand teachers. If one of two evaluations came back negative but the majority of the evaluations came back neutral or positive, it is likely the negative ones would be written off as a few disgruntled students.

However, if the majority of evaluations came back with negative and disturbing comments on them, they would be investigated, and if found true, disciplinary action would [and should] be taken. It is not in the Teacher's Union contract. The purpose of a teacher's contract is to give teachers job security, good benefits and decent working conditions.

It is not meant to protect abusive and incompetent teachers. Who will create the questionaire? The questionaire should be short and concise. A committee could be formed to put the questionaire together.

The committee should consist of teachers, parents, students and administration. Check with other schools and businesses to see how they handle employee evaluations of management.

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It should be designed to identify positive teachers as well as destructive teachers; strengths as well as weaknesses.Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers Students are the only true wealth of a nation and their education is the socio-moral responsibility of the country.

To be educated is both their right as well as duty. I am failing these students in many ways, just like all their previous teachers have. I do not know how to raise them up to where the government says they need to be. But learning is happening every day, at least for most of the kids in the room.

Sep 11,  · Many students contributed their own insights, and one even made a practice quiz — a smart idea since it’s well established that testing is a better way to learn than regular studying.

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers

Should students at WBA be allowed to listen to music in their core classes? Some parents and teachers think that students who listen to music during their class time will be distracted and won’t be able to focus on the lesson they are being teached.

21 Responses to “Should Students Be Allowed to Eat In Class?” Mukali Rodgers on November 8th, am We should most definitely be able to eat in class teachers can then so can us students. Teachers design, assign, observe, collaborate in, and interpret the work of students in their classrooms.

They assign meaning to interactions and evaluate the information that they receive and.

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