Regional strategic estimate caucasus

Another mission of the Center for Strategic Research is to study and research those issues which are among duties of the Expediency Council according to law including drawing up large-scale policies of the system, providing consultation services to the Leader, possible revision of the constitution, presenting solutions for large-scale problems, arbitration with regard to differences between legal entities, etc. Since the Expediency Council formulates general strategy of the Islamic system, research activities of the Center are mainly of a strategic nature. This was exacerbated by the artificial boundaries established under the Soviet Union, often cutting through communities of peoples, so leaving room for tensions resulting from the need to address externally defined borders that did not correspond to ethnic and cultural communities. Essentially, the Soviet collapse ended the relative status quo of the region and opened it to the possibility of significant changes in the dynamics of regional and international engagement and interference.

Regional strategic estimate caucasus

During the last several years, relations between Baku and Islamabad have expanded rapidly to the level of a strategic partnership encompassing various fields such as military, humanitarian issues, diplomatic, and cultural issues.

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The common religious background of both countries also plays a significant role in strengthening bilateral ties. The article traces the key moments in Azerbaijani — Pakistan relations, and outlines the achievements, prospects, and potential for strengthening economic and security ties.

Introduction Introduction Pakistan and Azerbaijan share common historic, cultural, Regional strategic estimate caucasus religious values. The relationship between the two countries has encompassed economic, defence, political and diplomatic cooperation since Azerbaijan regained independence from the USSR.

However, despite a historically cordial political and strategic relationship between the two countries, economic relations remain underdeveloped.

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The two countries can substantially increase the volume of bilateral trade by offering expertise to each other in various sectors, per their respective economic strengths.

On the strategic front, certain strategic complementarities have been identified. Common diplomatic targets, exchange of industrial and natural resources, as well as strong religious ties can play an essential role in bringing both societies and countries together, and in strengthening bilateral cooperation.

Successful bilateral cooperation depends on successful leadership and clear-headed domestic policies. Although the functionaries of the Pakistani state remained largely secular until the s, the state helped to create a Pakistani identity as the citadel of Islam, which, in turn, enabled Islamists greater freedom of organization and movement than in other countries3.

Despite obvious differences in ruling methods and ideologies, the leaders of both countries have always been committed to increasing bilateral cooperation, in particular in the economic and defence fields. In this respect, the longrunning Nagorno-Karabakh and Kashmir conflicts have been key factors in bringing Baku and Islamabad closer together, in order to increase capacity to take adequate measures against regional threats.

The strong defence cooperation, as well as historical ties, common religious, and cultural values therefore allow Pakistan and Azerbaijan to mutually benefit from this strategic alliance.

In international relations, cultural and religious values may shape bilateral state preferences in a cooperative direction, as both dimensions have special role in deepening the understanding between communities.

The article traces the key moments in Azerbaijani — Pakistani relations, and outlines achievements, prospects, and potential for strengthening economic and security ties between the two countries.

Regional strategic estimate caucasus

The article is divided into two chapters. The second section examines economic cooperation between Baku and Islamabad and evaluates the prospects for deepening cooperation in this field in the future.Caucasus Regional Analysis.

(FDOs) in the Caucasus Region in order to deter conflict and maintain a stable peace. On order, executes full range of military as the result of the estimate of the strategic situation.

It is a statement of what is to be done in. Beyond Pankisi: Radicalisation in the South Caucasus. The BBC’s Azerbaijan Service recently published my piece on radicalisation in the South Caucasus following commentaries written earlier for.

Regional strategic estimate caucasus

3 strategic context, by convening a workshop entitled “Harnessing Regional Stability in the South Caucasus: The Role and Prospects of DIB in the Current Strategic Context” in . The Regional Strategic Plan of WWF Caucasus covers all three countries of the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Consequently, the Environmental Policy and Strategy has to . Russia, the Northern Caucasus, and Central Asia comprise an area that unites Europe, Trafficking of nuclear materials is a regional concern, and appears to be primarily supply-driven.

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[5] Russia has well-established and extensive strategic trade control legislation and regulation. Mar 09,  · Caucasus Region The potential political struggle for dominance and insurgent activity in the Caucasus Region jeopardizes the infrastructure and economic resources of the countries within the region and the global economy.

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline is the major economic structure between the balances of power for the World.

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