Organic agriculture research paper

Give proper credits, use Citation. Abstract Organic produce offers the safest products for human consumption.

Organic agriculture research paper

The information given in this table was supplied by experts on organic agriculture in the countries of Europe. This chapter summarizes the contents of the table. Research Institutions Research in organic agriculture is currently conducted in almost all countries of Europe.

The amount of on-going research is highest in Scandinavia and the German speaking regions of Europe. It takes place in private institutions but also at university institutes and research stations, some of which dedicate all their activities to organic agriculture.

Especially in the German language region and in Scandinavia research and teaching in organic farming is being carried out at a large number of research stations, universities, etc.

In Austria, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands for instance, universities have founded university departments for the study of ecological agriculture. Many universities, institutes and research centres have facilitated research in ecological agriculture by making land and even entire farms available to researchers.

The university of Kassel-Witzenhausen now has access to a hectare farm, which should be the biggest trial farm in Europe. In Southern Europe as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, research activities often depend on individuals.

Money used for organic farming research was often allocated originally for other research fields integrated farming.

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An overview of research institutions dedicated to organic agriculture can be obtained via www. This applies to state research institutions, universities as well as private research institutes.

The latter often carry out projects which are to a large extent funded by the state or by the EU. In some countries supermarkets play an increasingly important role in funding organic farming research related to quality, storage and processing. In Southern Europe little money is allocated specifically for organic agriculture.

Researchers use research funds originally intended for other purposes like integrated farming. Coordination of Research Coordination of research occurs in some countries: In Denmark and Sweden the state supports Research Centres for Organic Agriculture, which do not only do research but which also have a coordinating function in terms of a dialogue between advisory service, practitioners and research.

Research Fields Research on organic farming focuses on production issues; i. An overview of research projects that were completed up to is given by Niggli and Lockeretz in FAO, ; an overview of on-going research worldwide can be obtained via the IFOAM conference proceedings see list of proceedings at the end of the text.

Research in horticulture and viticulture and other special crops has gained importance in recent years as well as research on animal husbandry.

Organic agriculture research paper

Energy, natural resource management, agricultural ecology, quality, processing, market issues, political aspects, regional conversion, legislation are other issues. Research Needs In several countries work is being conducted to identify specific areas where knowledge is lacking and future research is needed e.

Areas with increased research priorities are energy supply and management of natural resources, animal husbandry and health, agro-ecology, biodiversity, marketing, processing, quality assessment techniques, social and environmental impact of conversion to organic agriculture, how to keep plant breeding, organic production and processing free from genetic engineering.Organic farming – An excellent transition an analysis of the farmers’ perception and its impact on attitude towards organic farms, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, View Organic agriculture Research Papers on for free.

Organic agriculture research paper

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and its regional groups in Europe and their activities; needs in organic farming research from an IFOAM regional perspective, as well as European research networks are described.

For this paper a number of sources were used: Input came from the IFOAM regional groups as well.


The journal Organic Agriculture is a multidisciplinary journal aiming to publish outstanding research papers on organic agriculture and related food systems. The journal also includes invited critical reviews on topical issues, and concept notes for the development of Organic Agricultural and the related research.

This is a part of term paper on Organic Farming: Organic Farming is a farming system that does not use synthetic chemicals or genetic alteration. The farming process relies on natural elements, repellents, and hard manual labor.

The crops yielded are small, but yield a variety of plants. This is a part of term paper on Organic Farming: Organic Farming is a farming system that does not use synthetic chemicals or genetic alteration. The farming.