Myall creek mascarre

They rode up to the station huts beside which were camped a group of approximately thirty-five Aboriginal people. They were part of the Wirrayaraay alternative spelling: Weraerai group who belonged to the Kamilaroi people. They had been camped at the station for a few weeks after being invited by one of the convict stockmen, Charles Kilmeister or Kilministerto come to their station for their safety and protection from the gangs of marauding stockmen who were roaming the district slaughtering any Aboriginal people they could find.

Myall creek mascarre

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Stop feeling bad about not knowing. Make it fun to know better. Show me how No, thank you What happened at Myall Creek? Seven of the killers were tried and hanged. You might find some of the text here disturbing. It describes strong violence and quotes racist language. Historic background In white people had settled Australia for just 51 years.

Pastoralists were pushing into Aboriginal land, dispossessing Indigenous people from the land that nurtured them physically and spiritually. Aboriginal people did not give up their land that they had looked after for millennia without a fight.

White settlers engaged in many clashes with Aboriginal people at the frontier. They thought there was nothing wrong with shooting Aboriginal people or raping Aboriginal women. Among the massacres, the one at Myall Creek differs from the many other massacres of Aboriginal people in that it is a well documented and extreme example of what white people were capable of perpetrating on Aboriginal peoples.

Note, however, that the Myall Creek massacre if not famous for what happened to the Aboriginal victims, but for what happened to the white perpetrators. Myall Creek was the tip of the iceberg of frontier violence against Aboriginal people. The state of Queensland was a slaughterhouse.

But because the Myall Creek Massacre has been extensively documented we know now what happened. At the time about 50 Aboriginal people had moved to Myall Creek Station at the invitation of a stockman employed there.

The Myall Creek Massacre. Note the rope binding the Aboriginal people together and the little child on the back of her mother on the far right. Published in The Chronicles of Crime, Ten of them, all able bodied males, were working on a neighbouring station, 50kms away, when they learned that a group of armed stockmen planned to go onto Myall Creek Station.

They walked back as fast as they could, but it was already too late. The stockmen, led by John Fleming, were already galloping towards the huts of Myall Creek Station where the remaining Aboriginal people were preparing their evening meal. The stockmen herded the defenceless Aboriginal people together and tied their hands together with a long rope.

Only two young boys escaped. The men were deaf to the cries of their victims. Within twenty minutes of their arriving they hauled their captives westwards from the huts and over the top of a rise. About metres from the huts the defenceless Aboriginal people were hacked and slashed to death.

They were beheaded and their headless bodies were left where they fell. The stockmen then set up camp, drinking and bragging about their killings.

Historic background

Late that night the Aboriginal men who had been working at the neighbouring station arrived at Myall Creek Station.

They were urged to move on and headed off into the night. Two days after the Myall Creek Massacre the murderers returned and burned the bodies of their victims. They then set out to find the ten Aboriginal people they had missed.

They found them the next day and murdered most of them.

Myall creek mascarre

Two beautiful young girls were allowed to live so that they could be raped. Reportedly between 30 and 40 Aboriginal people were murdered and their bodies cast onto a large fire. A woman was allowed to run with blood spurting out of her cut throat. She was then thrown alive onto the fire.

Her infant child was thrown alive onto the fire. Two young girls were mutilated by the gang.Myall Creek Massacre and Memorial Site is the heritage-listed site of and memorial for the victims of the Myall Creek massacre at Bingara Delungra Road, Myall .

The Myall Creek massacre was neither the first nor last massacre of Aboriginal people in Australia but the NSW Supreme Court trials that followed set a judicial precedent. However, attitudes towards such massacres took longer to change.

The Myall Creek massacre remains one of the darkest events in Australia's colonial history. In , white stockmen hunted and murdered 28 Aboriginal men, women and children at Myall Creek in New South Wales. Myall Creek Massacre On June 10, , the infamous Myall Creek Massacre took place at Myall Creek Station where twenty eight Aboriginal men, women and .

Despite the fact that the Myall Creek Massacre was just one of the countless massacres that took place right across the country from the earliest days of British settlement in through to , it stands alone in its historical significance.

The Myall Creek Massacre. Late Sunday afternoon on June 10th , a gang of 12 stockmen brutally slaughtered 28 Aboriginal men, women and children who had been camping peacefully on the Myall Creek cattle station in northern N.S.W.

Myall Creek Massacre; Causes and Consequences