First grade writing activities for spring

Tweet Free Creative Writing Prompts Spring Some refer to the season of spring as a rebirth, a reawakening of the world after the long winter.

First grade writing activities for spring

These math activities give students an opportunity to not only do the math but also provide a written response and have a little bit of cut and paste fun along the way. Each of the two pages approaches the standard in a slightly different way.

The activities include cut and paste as well as written responses. Some written responses require students to answer a computational question, draw a geometric figure or measure an object.

Other written responses go deeper and ask students to explain their reasoning using sentences. The math activities are intended to be given to students after they have worked with the math concepts for a period of time. They work well in my math stations, with substitute teachers, or when I just need an activity to solidify student understanding of a concept.

Photos of the Pages Here are a few samples of the pages. The first one, Compare Three-Digit Numbers, has students compare numbers using place value strategies. Students are asked to explain their thinking in two different areas on this page.

Use a Number Line reinforces all the number line work we have done throughout the year. I love using number lines to teach students how to add larger numbers. The cut and paste component is the word form of the numbers.

On the below page, students cut out a variety of two-dimensional shapes, then draw the same shape and describe the sides and angles. Here are a few more examples of pages in simple black and white images.

The cut and paste component gives students an opportunity too check their work. The explanation gives you an opportunity see their thinking. The pages for each standard approach the content slightly differently. You can use both pages or choose one that best fits your needs.

This free sample includes four pages that you can try out in your classroom. Answer keys are included.You will find math activities, art projects, read-alouds, science units and more in this comprehensive guide to everything spring. All of the lessons offered are intended as appropriate for students in .

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Science Life cycle Activity Fantastic crafts outlining the life cycle of bugs and butterflies! Such a great hands on science lesson for kids! By the end of class students will be able to explain an insect's life cycle using their artwork with minimal teacher assistance.

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Love this old lady pattern! Old lady who with any of books as a cut/paste, and sequencing. I Love Spring I Love Spring. We all love spring. And what’s not to love about this season?

first grade writing activities for spring

Spring provides reasons galore to fall in love with it. Some love the fresh, blooming flowers while others love the sweet scent in the air. Some love the warm weather while others cannot resist the merry chirping of the birds/5. First Grade Writing; First Grade Science; Not only does teaching with themes allow my students to build their vocabulary, but it also creates an excitement in my students to want to read about the topics that we are discussing.

I make sure that I have at least books for each theme that I teach. Spring has sprung– and so have.

Kindergarten Spring-Theme Learning Fun and Games