Ecnomic environment

A Summary of Findings The distinction is also important at the level of economy: There are economies with high income inequality and relatively low wealth inequality such as Japan and Italy.

Ecnomic environment

This pattern is repeated throughout Africa and Asia in general. Comparative costs - comparative advantage As discussed in chapter one, price has been called the immediate basis for international trade - cheaper prices based on different cost structures, especially labour.

Ecnomic environment

Countries trade because they produce and export goods in which they enjoy a greater comparative advantage and import goods in which they have a least comparative advantage.

A further refinement of this is the international product cycle discussed fully in chapter one. Balance of payments This is the measure of all economic transactions between one nation and another.

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The balance of payments is made up of the current account, showing trade in goods and services; and the capital account, which shows financial transactions. The balance of payments account helps marketers select the location of supply for foreign markets and the selection of markets.

The capital account may show the nations which have control restrictions and hence be difficult to deal with. In this regard, African nations are generally disadvantaged.

Government policy This refers to the government measures and regulations which have a bearing on trade - tariffs, quotas, exchange controls and invisible tariffs.

What is an Economic Environment? (with pictures)

These can cause formidable barriers to marketers and will be dealt with at length later. Its intention was to create a general system of preferences and negotiate tariffs for members' products on a nondiscriminant basis and provide a forum for consultation.

The Kennedy Round of the s was superseded by the Tokyo round of the s and that by the current Uruguay round signed in It seeks to improve the prices of primary goods exports through commodity agreements.

It also established a tariff preference system favouring developing nations. Regionalism Regionalism is a major and important trade development. With these developments, free trade zones have occurred all internal barriers abolished economic unions the EUexport pricing zones Mauritius and other schemes.

The major regional economic organisations are: These blocs are of various form, power, influence and success. Many developing countries have entered into trading blocks as a reaction against loss of developed country markets or as a base to build economic integration and markets.

The development of trading blocs can bring headaches and advantages to trade. The system fell down because large corporations were holding more funds than banks and so a "float" set in.

IMF began to fade somewhat. However it still lends, on a short term basis, to countries with payment problems to help them continue trading.Nov 13,  · An economic environment is the total number of economic factors that make up the economy of the nation.

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Economic factors are broken down into two separate environments: microeconomic and macroeconomic. The microeconomic environment includes information relating to the economic situations of. Economic Environment Meaning of Economic Environment: Those Economic factors which have their affect on the working of the business is known as economic environment.

We invest in, support and grow our business units to create long-term value for our employees, our shareholders, our customers and our partners. The economic environment is one of the major determinants of market potential and opportunity.

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