Colored skywriting a life

The changing leaves of autumn colored brightly red and gold, Also bring a warning of the coming winter cold. As the wind is changing from the milder summer breeze, You can feel the difference as it echoes through the trees. As I shuffle down the path leading through the park, As the days grow shorter now and soon it will be dark. I realize that life is like the seasons we live through, Life is like the changing seasons always changing too.

Colored skywriting a life

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. Graham, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this, but Billy is not going to make the grade. I was so stunned. Then I said, "Oh, no, that can't be.

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He's losing his strength and his grades are very poor. Graham, I think the boy is working too hard and trying to study, and he just can't do it.

Every morning at eleven o'clock he just falls asleep in class. I turned back into the living room and prayed, "Oh, Lord, that can't be true. You'll just have to do something. I remember finishing that prayer by saying, "Lord, You are preparing him and You are educating him for something.

I don't know what it is, but it's up to You, and it's Your problem. I left that problem with the Lord, and by the end of the school year, when he was seventeen, he made his grades and graduated with his class. Page 38 Melvin and Jean were A students. I sensed in that strange way known to mothers that the days ahead for Billy Frank would be of tremendous importance.

How was I to pray for this son of mine? Billy's favorite spot for reading was right in the middle of the living room floor. He'd lie on his back, put his feet up, and read. Sometimes when he comes home now he takes off his coat, gets down on the floor the same way and reads.

Billy hasn't changed a whole lot. Now I found myself praying with even more urgency; I couldn't bear the thought of him going anywhere else, and I actually didn't want to hear of anyplace else.

Evangelist Jimmie Johnson had come to Charlotte for some meetings.

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He influenced the thinking of Grady and T. Wilson, Billy's friends, so they decided to attend Bob Jones College. I still clung to my hopes that Billy could go to Wheaton, but it was so far away and much more expensive.

When it finally came time for the decision to be made, I agreed that he should go to Cleveland, Tennessee, with the Wilson brothers.

colored skywriting a life

Once again, I found much comfort and help in the Bible as Amy Carmichael nudged my thinking. Page 39 Even so, Father: Are you pleased with My will?


We all know what it is to plan a pleasure for a child and then watch to see its pleasure. Some of us know what it is to plan the best our love can think of, which yet may be, naturally speaking, a disappointment to that child; and we know how we watch for its response.

Love is planning for us. Love has planned the best that Love could plan. Perhaps we cannot help one another more than by praying that we may never disappoint our Father's faith in us, but always follow our blessed Lord in this as in everything, and answer His trust with the words, "O yes, Father.

When my husband returned, I said to him, "Frank, honey, Billy has left the home fires. He has been accustomed to opening the Word of God every day and praying; I believe that he will continue to do so.Skywriting is the process of using a small aircraft, able to expel special smoke during flight, to fly in certain patterns that create writing readable by someone on the ground.

colored skywriting a life

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