An overview of australia

Humans are thought to have arrived in Australia about 30, years ago. The original inhabitants, who have descendants to this day, are known as aborigines.

An overview of australia

Tasmania TAS Separated from the mainland by Bass Strait, Tasmania has rugged beauty of Cradle Mountain and the west, the beaches of the east, and the complete wilderness of the south.

A Brief History of Australia

Hobart was the site of the second European settlement in Australia, and many historic sites are well preserved. The island has well developed facilities for travellers.

Victoria VIC Small, vibrant and with something for everyone, Victoria has dramatic surf beaches along the southwest and central coast, green rolling farmland and photogenic national parks.

The diversity of rural Victoria is very easy to access due in part to its size and well maintained roads. Western Australia WA A vast state.

The south-west contains the state capital and major city of Perth closely surrounded by the wildflower, wine growing and scenic destinations of Margaret River and Albany.

In the far north are the tropics and the beach side destination of Broome. Small townships, roadhouses, mining communities and national parks scattered around the long distances between.

Islands[ edit ] Lord Howe Island - Two hours flying time from Sydney, with a permanent population, and developed facilities. Permanent population, and developed facilities. Christmas Island - Famous for its red An overview of australia migration. Flights from Perth and Kuala Lumpurdeveloping facilities.

Cocos Islands - Coral atolls, populated, accessible by flights from Perth, with some facilities for travel. Torres Strait Islands - between Cape York and Papua New Guinea, most islands have some traveller facilities but require permission from the traditional owners to visit.

Ashmore and Cartier Islands - uninhabited with no developed traveller facilities. Coral Sea Islands - largely uninhabited, with no developed traveller facilities. No facilities for travellers.

Kangaroo Island - The third largest island in Australia and a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

An overview of australia

Phillip Island - site of the Fairy Penquin parade each evening Get in[ edit ] All visitors - apart from citizens of New Zealand - require a visa in advance of travel. If you are visiting for a holiday of less than three months, there are three types of visas you may apply for, depending on your nationality: These visas are free, but otherwise effectively identical to the ETA.

You must apply on-line. The citizens of some eVisitor eligible countries and citizens of Taiwan may also apply for the ETA but solely through a travel agent, airline, specialist service provider or an Australian visa office outside Australia. A service fee of AUD20 applies. This fee can be waived if you obtain your ETA through a travel agent.

However, there are on-line services which charge much more, as much as double, for the ETA. If applying on-line, stay with the government service to save money. Tourist Visas is required for people who wish to come to Australia to travel or visit friends and family.

Travellers from non-ETA eligible countries, those wishing to stay in Australia for more than three 3 months or tourists already in Australia wishing to extend their stay are required to make a paper-based tourist visa application. The fee for this is AUD Visitor visa subclass Other nationalities must apply using the paper form, and may need to visit an embassy or visa processing centre.

Unlike the other options however, a visa can be issued for longer stay of up to one year. That said, immigration is somewhat reluctant to approve tourist visas for more than three months, no matter how legitimate your reasons for staying so long. You will likely be asked for extensive supporting documentation about the reason for your visit and your ties to your country of origin and may need to attend an interview.

Depending on your nationality, the embassy or visa processing centre may also require you to have an Australian sponsor prior to issuing the visa. The fee is AUDAustralia has consistently been a top performer in international assessments. The PISA results reveal that Australian students rank ninth in a field of 75 (34 OECD member countries and 41 partner countries and economies), and far outpace both the OECD average and the United States.

An overview of australia

Australian Prehistory: Humans are thought to have arrived in Australia about 30, years ago. The original inhabitants, who have descendants to this day, are known as . Exporting to Australia - Market OverviewAustralia - Market Overview Discusses key economic indicators and trade statistics, which countries are dominant in the market, the U.S.

market share, the political situation if relevant, the top reasons why U.S. companies should consider exporting to this country, and other issues that affect trade, e.g., terrorism, currency devaluations, trade agreements.

Australia's unique geographical location means that it is isolated from the rest of the western world.

An Overview of Australian Economy

Itis ideally suited to trading with Asia more so than Europe or North America. Currently, about half of Australian exports go to Asia.

Australia is about the same size in area as the United States but with a much smaller population. Australian Dollar. Because of the politically stable economy in Australia it has been one of the top traded currencies in the world, ranking 5 th.

The Aussie economy offers high yielding interest rates which transitions to world money being invested in Australia. Over the last year the AUD to USD has ranged between and Australia is the sixth-largest country by land area.

Australia is bordered to the west by the Indian Ocean, and to the east by the South Pacific Ocean. The Tasman Sea lies to the southeast, separating it from New Zealand, while the Coral Sea lies to the northeast.

An Overview of Australian Economy