An examination of the differences between the windows in notre dame du haut and the carr chapel

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Uncategorized — Leave a comment January 21, House or shelter is the one of the basic needs of humans. We all know that God creates all the things in this world especially the basic needs of humans like food, shelter etc.

An examination of the differences between the windows in notre dame du haut and the carr chapel

All people in this world needs a shelter or a house. First I want to define a house. It is a dwelling place or a mansion. In this world many houses are built, different houses are made but some are the same.

An examination of the differences between the windows in notre dame du haut and the carr chapel

One of the type of house that exclusively made is the Bahay Kubo. This area serves as the area for livestock pens, storage space, workspace and granary. Bahay kubo still exist today and now serve as an historical landmark on what the Philippines look like during the early times.

We rarely see Bahay Kubo here unlike in provinces. There are many bahay na bato here in Philippines like in Intramuros Manila, also in Vigan City,and many others.

I remember when I was a child i think i am 8 or 10 years old, we went to the Intramuros Manila for an educational tour. You will see it it is made of stone and concrete walls that make the place be beautiful.

First I want to define a Bahay na bato, according to the book. The Bahay na Bato, originates from the Bahay Kubo, since it typically followed its arrangements such as open ventilation and elevated apartments. The most obvious difference between the two houses would be the materials that were used to build them.

The Bahay na Bato was constructed out of brick and stone rather than the traditional bamboo materials. In general, the bahay na bato may be described as a house with wooden legs and a stone skirt, a style of construction which makes the house a sure survivor of earthquakes.

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The wooden frame gives it both flexibility and stability, while the one-storey high stone wall is less likely to collapse. Large wooden posts are sunk into the ground but stand high enough to carry the roof. The posts are independent of both stone wall below and wooden walls above.

Because they are of exceptionally precious hardwood, they are worth displaying. The zaguan with its naked stonework is a grim entrance hall but with its abundant space is the perfect storeroom for just about everything.

The stairs, are not only a means of access but also the setting for a stately arrival. A surrounding balustrade detached from the wall provides room all around for welcoming committee and prolonged farewells.

The stairs, on the other hand, lead up to the caida or upper entrance hall. Bedrooms flank the sala and nearby is the dining room.

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Along the volada is an elaborate system of windows. The broad, massive window sill is grooved and holds two to three sets of sliding shutters:The temple of Fortuna Virilis (so-called) in the Forum Boarium, attributed to the beginning of the 1st century B.C., shows the great difference between Greek and Roman temples.

Like the Etruscan temple, it is raised on a podium, and approached by a flight of steps. Under Charles V (r – 80), also called "Charles the Wise," however, the great French soldier Bertrand du Guesclin, through a tenaciously conducted series of skirmishes, Between and , France had a constant deficit in its balance of payments.

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In addition, Luísa Margarida de Barros Portugal (), Countess of Barral and Marquise of Montferrat (the Marquis was a relative of Josephine, Empress of France, wife of the Emperor Napoleon), was a descendant of Constança Coronel, daughter of Don Abraham Senior.

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