5 themes of geography writing assignments

Movement Regions When we want to learn about a certain country, city, region, etc. For each of the Five Themes, tell students to ask themselves the following questions about a particular country or region:

5 themes of geography writing assignments

We've got them for you -- 25 of them!

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Activities for students at every level! How many of your students could identify the location of their home country on a world map?

5 themes of geography writing assignments

That study represents one of the turning points in geography education in the United States. Organizations such as National Geographic and the National Council for the Social Studies have created materials to aid teachers in teaching geography skills. And about ten years ago, the Joint Committee on Geographic Education of the National Council for Geographic Education and the American Association of Geographers developed five specific themes to help focus teacher and student thinking 5 themes of geography writing assignments it comes to geography.

Those five themes follow: Location -- Where are things located? A location can be specific for example, it can be stated as coordinates of longitude and latitude or as a distance from another place or general it's in the Northeast.

Place -- What makes a place different from other places?

5 Themes of Geography Worksheets, Activities, Projects, PowerPoints & more

Differences might be defined in terms of climate, physical features, or the people who live there and their traditions. Human-environment interaction -- What are the relationships among people and places?

How have people changed the environment to better suit their needs? Movement -- What are the patterns of movement of people, products, and information? A study of movement includes learning about major modes of transportation used by people, an area's major exports and imports, and ways in which people communicate move ideas.

Regions -- How can Earth be divided into regions for study? Regions can be defined by a number of characteristics including area, language, political divisions, religions, and vegetation for example, grassland, marshland, desert, rain forest. At the start of the school year, invite students to create from memory an outline map of the world.

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As an alternative, students might draw a map of the United States or of their state, if those will be the focus of the year's curriculum. At the end of the school year, repeat the activity. Then bring out the maps that the students created in the first days of school.

How have their maps changed? Are their end-of-year maps a big improvement over those drawn at the start of the year? Literature around the world. Invite students to identify on a world map the locations of some of their favorite books and book characters.

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Challenge students to dream up their own countries and to create maps of those countries. The maps should show natural rivers, mountains and human-made highways, major cities features. Students should name their countries, decide which products will provide the economic basis of their countries, etc.

Collect state and regional maps from around the United States. Cut selected pieces from those maps. The size of the "piece" might vary depending on the grade you teach. In the middle elementary grades, the pieces might be about 2 inches square. Students can use place names, natural features lakes, riversand other clues on the map pieces to try to figure out which state each map piece is from.

Students might do this activity in small groups. Each group might have copies of the same five map pieces. Which group can un-puzzle the map pieces first? Assign each student the name of a state or a country. Provide the student with a large sheet of drawing paper. The student creates a map of the country showing major cities, natural features, and landmarks.Jun 06,  · Free 5 Themes of Geography Assignment This Social Studies assignment has students apply their knowledge of the 5 Themes of Geography to their own community.

What a terrific way to make this subject personal! Craftivity (2) creative writing (1) Culture (1). 5 Themes of Geography Unit 1: Introduction to World Geography In this section you will introduce students to the 5 Themes of Geography using worksheets, activities, projects, and PowerPoints.

Unit 3- 5 Themes of Geography. Edit 0 23 Unit Projects/ Assignments: In this unit we will be writing a postcard to someone in another country describing our place.

We will be using current songs to find examples of the five themes.

5 themes of geography writing assignments

(For example: The Cupid Shuffle, New York, Waka Waka, etc.) We will be introducing "The Geography of My School. Five Themes Writing Assignment- Expository Writing Kelley- Diff. Geography Your assignment is to create a written description of Nebraska using the five themes of geography.

based on the five themes. Location Glue behind the strip. Location Place Region Movement Human-Environment Interaction 5 Themes of Geography Cut on the lines. Printout: 5 Themes of Geography - An Interactive Notebook Unit 5 Themes of Geography - Interactive Notebook Assignments with Examples Geography in the News (8 .

The 5 Themes of Geography Defined With Examples